Spatial Stories

Spatial Stories: An exploration of young people's everyday experience of public space is a collaborative project which maps out teenager's experience of the urban public realm. Six young people aged 16 and 17 participated in the project, which was developed by Dorothy Smith and Jackie Bourke.

Using photography, creative mapping techniques, drawing and creative writing, they captured the fleeting moments and subtle details that shape their urban experience. They also created an intervention in public space with posters mounted on lampposts. These posters displayed slogans such as 'Teenagers Welcome' and 'You are not Suspicious'. They were a playful response to negative experiences the young people have had.

Through Spatial Stories the young people mapped out their innate playfulness, an acute awareness of architectural detail, of nature, of environmental neglect, and the important role of family and friends in their everyday lives. Through their work they reveal a complex experience of vulnerability, alienation and a sense of belonging in their everyday urban worlds.